Frequently Asked Questions - For Hire Performance

Is a deposit required to hire a performer?

Yes, a deposit secures your event on our calendar, it ensures that our dancers are available and are committed to making your occasion a success!  Your deposit must reach us Two Weeks Prior to your event or upon booking which ever comes first. 

Do I need to provide anything for the entertainers?

Our professional entertainers bring their own audio equipment (unless a DJ is present) and music, please provide an electrical outlet.

A safe and even dance space is a must for our performers.

When do I pay the balance?

Please find one of our entertainers when the performance is finished and deliver payment, check payments should be made payable to Three Graces Entertainment.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Classes

Can anyone learn to belly dance?

All shapes, sizes, and ages are welcome! 

Is belly dancing a good workout?

It is a very good low impact workout.  Because our belly dance stance includes "soft" knees, the movements do not jolt the body as do some other forms of exercise. Yet, you'll get the physical benefits while having a great time.

Is prior dance experience necessary?

It is not necessary to have had prior dance experience. Belly dance is unique in many ways, such as the isolations, and all beginners, regardless of background, will be learning these in the beginner classes.

What kind of feedback do students get in the Three Graces classes?

Our instructors are very in-tune to their students. They provide helpful, never critical, feedback. Questions are encouraged and answered. And the students show one another mutual respect, a requirement in each of the Three Graces classes.

Is private belly dance instruction offered?

Yes. Contact the instructor to arrange private instruction. The cost is $25 per hr.

What do the students wear to class?

Students wear comfortable work-out clothes to class, such as yoga or jazz pants, or leggings. A close-fitting exercise top is recommended so the instructor can check body posture and alignment. Coin scarves, coin belts, or hip wraps are recommended. Students wear ballet shoes, lyrical sandals, or dance barefooted in the studio. Some students enjoy wearing exotic earrings and jewelry, skirts over pants, or any other variety of dance costuming, but it certainly isn't required.