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We hope to teach you confidence, awareness of your body and an understanding of cultures from around the globe. In every class we give you the tools and knowledge needed to become a better dancer than you were yesterday. And, if you just want a quick, fun class, we also offer Lovin' the Belly and Bellydance Bootycamp classes.

Our instructors have all been a part of the belly dance community for over a decade and hold various certifications in anatomy, physiology and/or group fitness training. They have extensively trained under the masters of their dance field or attended innumerable hours of workshops.


We strive to offer an open environment for all students, inclusive of all ages, sizes and genders that is also free of judgement or shame. Our studio floor is spacious and allows plenty of room to dance to your fullest.

Affiliate clicking and purchasing from the these links below we make a small percentage of profit. We have used and recommend all of these products. Of course not all of our costumes and accessories come from Amazon, in fact many of our performance pieces are hand made in the countries that we represent, these links are great for beginners and adding a little flare to your classes!

Three Graces Dance began with a vision of cultural entertainment and belly dance classes. It has grown into a multicultural entertainment company that incorporates history lessons and dances from all over the world.